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the Netherlands
Sunday, 14. May 2006 06:42 AM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Nice site.
Indeed hate must stop.
Racism is the stupidiest thing I can think of.
It's the same as hating someone because of he's wearing a red sweater or something.
I've worked night shifts at the postoffice.
Many youth from all over the world worked over there and everyone could get along.
I had a real great time there.

It makes me real sad to see how much hate there is in this world.
Like the thing that happend in Belgium last week.
Where a 18 year old boy shot 3 people because they were black :confused:
Why do these things happen?
When will this madness stop?

Maybe when the media stops telling only bad things about foreigners and starts showing the good things they do.
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