Jamey Rodemeyer
- September, 2011

Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14 year-old gay teenager, who created an upbeat “It Gets Better” YouTube video took his life. In his You Tube videos, Jamey Rodemeyer comes across as a very sweet and caring young man. In his “It Gets Better” You Tube video, Jamey mentions some bullying he faced had a religious tone, with people telling him that “gay people go to hell.” In the “It Gets Better” video, Jamey encourages people to believe Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” and to “hold your head up and you’ll go far.”

After Jamey’s death, the police investigated to see if students who were identified as having bullied Jamey could be charged in connection with his suicide. The bullying did not stop after Jamey’s death. Some people left homophobic posts on his You Tube channel. When the site was reviewed by one of our volunteers, some of the homophobic posts remaining on the site, were religious in nature. One of the posts states that gays are the “spawn of the devil” and that Jesus died to “protect” people from homosexuals. Another post states, “Natural selection only idiots commit suicide.” According to an article on the LezGetReal website states that when Jamey’s sister was at a school function, a dance, some bullies started chant that they were glad Jamey was dead.

Jamey Rodemeyer‘s life touched many people. By September 28, less than a month after Jamey took his life, Jamey’s “It Gets Better” video had logged over 1 million 80 thousand hits. According to news reports, Jamey is described as happy, strong, caring and friendly. Jamey’s life will touch people for many years to come.